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The Fog Of Lucidity

I’ve found that it’s a lot more rewarding to focus on the breweries fairly than the individual beers. When you discover a brewery that delivers, you realize you’ve an organization that takes delight in their product and the beers they produce are going to be something special. After all, you still need to contemplate the model of beer. In case you do not like IPAs, like me, you are not going to like Stone’s IPA.

Stone Island Collarless Rep Jacket In Balck And OrangeThis publish is going to be a continuously updated checklist of the breweries that have truly stood out, in my eyes, and I wouldn’t hesitate to try another beer from them given the opportunity. A lot of their beers have the “wow factor”. I encourage you to begin your individual lists, but this one is just so I can keep track of the ones I’d vouch for.

Goose Island (Illinois)
Lack Placid (New York)
Southern Tier (New York)
Stone Brewing (California)

De Koninck (Belgium)
Grimbergen (Belgium)
Paulaner (Germany)
Samuel Smith (UK)
Not vouching yet, but investigating:
Bell’s (Michigan)
Boulder (Colorado)
Dark Horse (Michigan)
Founders (Michigan)
Jenlain (France)

This does not of course include the microbreweries that only sell their beer to people who walk in the door. Those I love just because it’s all the time something new, but I also need a constantly good womens stone island coat selection in my fridge. In case you have recommendations, especially for someone who’s a fan of porters, please leave a comment!

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