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The Medieval Castles Of Japan

After we think of Medieval castles we seldom assume about Japan. But Japan went by means of a very long period of feudal warfare and because of this a whole lot of fortress like castles had been constructed. They appear considerably completely different than their European counterparts but functionally they are much they identical. They had been meant to protect the people inside from all kinds of dangers. This text evaluations a few of the medieval castles in Japan and talks about their methods and methods for fortification.

Stone Island Spring Men Collar Sweater In Khaki SaleThere are some interesting aspects that you will notice amongst a lot of the castles in Japan. Most of them have a shrine on the very high of the hold. And all of them use stealth as one other device in their arsenal of protection. A great example of this is the trick of making the castle look like it has five floors while in reality it has six floors. This lacking flooring was an ideal place to hide supplies and troops from the enemy.

As in any culture that has a long history you may visit many of the sites that pepper the whole of Japan and you can see castles in numerous levels starting from pristine and still in the situation they had been built, to rebuilt, to only remnants and walls.

There are three major castles in Japan which are considered to be one of the best examples of castle building throughout the centuries. They are Himeji Castle, Matsumoto Castle, and Kumamoto Castle. If you are visiting Japan and need to experience one of the best castles it is best to visit at least one of these three.

Himeji Castle
This is the number one castle in Japan and a must see even if you are not a castle enthusiast. It sits perched upon a hill and because of its dramatic look and white color it is often referred to as the White Heron Castle. It has a very long history and the first fort was built on the location in 1333. Stone Island Outlet The structure, as it at present stands was completed in 1618.

There are a lot of unique things about this castle including a complex series of gates and mazes which made it very difficult for attackers to gain entrance to the primary fortress. There are also several ghost stories that have grown up around it; the most famous of which is the story of the serving girl named Okiku who was betrayed, tortured, and thrown into the castles well.

Himeji is open to the public and people are given the freedom to roam the grounds both inside and out as they wish. There are also a restricted number of English speaking tour guides out there. This is a wonderful expertise of Japan and about an hour by practice from Kyoto.

Matsumoto Castle
This castle is positioned a short distance from Tokyo so it is a good place to visit if you are not going to be spending a number of time in the country or you probably have budgeted your time very tightly. The keep of this castle was completed in 1504 so it has a very long history. It also is kind of dramatic in appearance because it’s a flatland castle that is perched proper alongside the water, and even juts out into the water. Matsumoto is a superb instance of stealth in castle building because it is one of the castles that looks like it has five floors but really has a sixth floor that is a secret.

Kumamoto Castle
This is a castle that has a remarkable historical past. It who owns stone island was initially built in 1607 and in 1877 it was the site for the last remnants of the Samurai revolt and civil war in Japan. Much of the structure was destroyed by fire during the revolt. It spent almost 100 years in ruins however has not too long ago been rebuilt to its original beauty and opened to the public. The interior of the castle towers is now a museum and it is filled with many of the splendors of architecture and design of the interval it was built in. Kumamoto was also used by the well-known director Akira Kurosawa in his 1985 film “Ran”.

The entire of Japan is peppered with many castles and you dont have to stay on the mainland to see them. If you are taking a trip to the island of Okinawa you may visit some tremendous examples which might be a bit different than these on the mainland.

Shuri Castle
It is a advantageous example of the development of a structure over centuries. Shuri was the capital of the island of Okinawa and the castle was the seat of government. So it retains not solely its massive fortifications but it also has a sure opulence and sweetness that one would anticipate of the home of a ruler of a kingdom. It was nearly fully destroyed throughout World War 2 but since has been totally reconstructed and sites in the middle of a complex site called Shuri Castle Park. If you’re traveling to the island of Okinawa that is the one castle it’s best to go to.

Dont overlook the numerous Ruins
One of the most interesting things about the castles of Japan is the plethora of ruins which are still in fairly fine condition.

Nakagusuku Ruins
It is a world heritage site on the island of Okinawa that is well preserved. It is approximately 400 years old and while it is in ruins much of the stone structures are still intact and the format of the castle is clearly seen, notably in the concentric walls that defended the hold. It sits on the highest of a hill and it has a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. This ruin is well worth a visit. And nearby is an authentic Japanese home that is now saved as a museum. It is known as the Nakamura house. If you happen to visit Nakagusuku it is well worth it to also visit the Nakamura house which is only five minutes away. It was the home of several generations and is a good example of how the Japanese lived centuries ago.

There are actually lots of of castles in Japan constructed over the course of a number of centuries and in varied states of restore. You can visit any a part of the country and find a castle or a ruin not too far away. These buildings are a outstanding testomony to the historical past of the nation. And whereas they appear fairly totally different than their European counterparts they nonetheless did the identical job in the identical methods.

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