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Stone Island Jogging Bottoms, stone island x, Excellent condition, one button needs sowing on as shown in picture , has a hood what u can also take of. 9/10 condition. Size medium, dark grey colour, stone island x, Stone Island Brown Metal Effect Swim Shorts.

Hint Tip: C.P. Company

Hint Tip: C.P. Company
Everyone has a signature. Louis Vuitton has its monogram; Anna Wintour has her bob; Karl Lagerfeld has his frost. For men’s label C.P. Company, it’s the Goggle Jacket, a rugged, explorer-fashion piece stone island x of outerwear seemingly made for the guy who wants to chop down trees on the moon or the astronaut who wants to crab-fish in the North Pacific. But no. Tweaked at various times over time, it was really created by the late, great Massimo Osti for Italy’s Mille Miglia (Thousand Miles) open-road endurance race in the late eighties. Which implies, of course, it’s time for a vigentennial (20-year) celebration. On October 22, at Henry Moore Gallery at the Royal College of Art in London, C.P. Company will present Past and Future (open to the public Oct. 23 & 24), an exhibition curated by Aitor Throup, the enigmatic designer who also created this extra-rugged limited edition.

Stone Island Ribbed Beanie Hat In GreyIn an interview once, Aitor told us that when he was a teenager growing up in the north of England, he and his associates had been “fascinated” with anything that came from Massimo Osti. Aitor even worked at a C.P. Company store for a while. “Then I spent one summer in Majorca working in a restaurant,” he said. “I was really missing those winter jackets and jumpers from C.P. Company and Stone Island, so I was sitting around doing nothing at some point and i took a little bit paper place mat and began doodling…and the clothes started getting really detailed, more C.P.-esque. Then I thought, why not go back and show the drawings to them.” See A bit passion and determination (okay, lots) go a long way.

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