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Denmark’s Greenland: Our Largest Island And Its Indigenous Peoples

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Denmark’s Greenland: Our Largest Island and Its Indigenous Peoples
Up to date on August 25, 2016 Patty Inglish moreDegrees in drugs, psychology 30 years research/remedy in allopathic gold, uranium, iron, diamond, and other mining enterprises; Indigenous handicrafts, animal hides and skins, and some minor shipyards. Denmark still subsidizes the economy heavily.

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In accordance with CIA information and geography files, Greenand’s thickest icecap is 3 km thick. This is a total of 10% the global recent water reserve. It’s a number of energy stored as ice as well — a flood caused by from icemelt can be disastrous. As well as, a total meltdown may increase world ocean levels by as much as a predicted 7 meters.

Scientific measures of Greenland icecaps, substantiated by NASA sattelite photos, indicate that the entire ice is metling very quickly in the 21st Century.

Migration Across the Polar Circle
The earliest Indigenous Peoples of the country have been likely the Saqqaq, Independence I, and Independence II peoples. All of these groups migrated eastward from North America. These people were descendants of some of the original inhabitants of lans in Canada and the US – First Nations and Native Americans descended from Asians and a mixture of Asian and different cultures. They at the moment are the Inuit of Greenland.

Indigenous Peoples produced and used stone instruments in order to survive in a cold, dry climate, hunting game animals and learning to fish.

After the first three migrations, the Dorset Inuits migration occurred and today’s Inuit foundation myths are traced to them. Subsequent, the Thule emigrated within the year 900, followed by Viking Norsemen that settled on the east and south coastlines.

CIA estimates that 80% of Greenlanders are Inuit
The CIA estimates that 80% of Greenlanders stone island varsity jacket are Inuit and the remaining 20% of Greenlanders are Danish Caucasians.

The National Geographic and Smithsonian Institution Genographic Mission is an ongoing exercise that traces the migration of all Earth’s peoples. The project has tracked and recorded blood typing markers that appear in peoples in different parts of the world, indicating their migration between these points.

Visiting with Harp Seals in Greenland
It is often accepted at the moment that the fashionable Inuit is a descendant of a minimum of some early Northern Asians and related groups that migrated along the northern polar circle across Northern Asia to cross the Bering Strait that was covered with ice, into Canada. Some continued eastward and into Greenland.

Certain blood typing and other DNA markers found among some Inuit/Eskimo, First Nations, and Native Americans have also been found among others, such as the Saami people in Northern Europe (i.e.Lapland) and in some extra neighboring peoples.

Migration and DNA Tracking
IBM100 – The Mapping of Humanity’s Family Tree

PLoS Genetics: The Genographic Challenge Public Participation Mitochondrial DNA Database
The Genographic Project is studying the genetic signatures of ancient human migrations and creating an open-source research database. It allows members of the public to participate in a real-time anthropological genetics study by submitting personal
Related DNA Research

Raven and Eagle: DNA Tracking Of Indigenous Clans in Southeastern Alaska
A human migration study of 2012 – 2013 begins to determine the migration patterns of people that became the Raven and Eagle clans, from the Eastern Hemisphere of Earth across the Bering Strait and down into the Southeastern Alaskan Panhandle.

Native American Nations Around the world – A Genetic Sub-Polar Route
Genetic research has shown evidence of specific Native American DNA structures throughout the Western Hemisphere as being carefully related to Siberian nations in Altai that advanced to South Korea and other Siberians, some Scandinavian groups, and eve
Aurora Borealis
The Northern Lights seem all through the calendar year in Greenland, although they fade in summer months. In some places north of the Arctic Circle, the solar shines all the time.

Northern Lights and Qaqortoq city
Things To Do In Greenland
Like travelers that filmed the harp seals and the aurora borealis, visitors to Greenland can enjoy wilderness beauty that they may not be capable of finding at residence in other countries.

Among some of the other activities that tourists can select are:
Dog sledding with overnight tent stays.

A stay in a village with a traditional Inuit hunter and his household.
Humpback whale watching.

Cultural tours with the Inuit People.
Fjord exploration cruises.

Iceberg go to tours.

Wilderness hiking.
Helicopter rides.

Scottish Polar Academy – a challenge for Scottish youth to trek to the North Pole over the ice connecting Scotland with Greenland

Many Examples of Aurora Borealis
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sendingJunie 7 years in the past
This is very great insight about Denmark and Greenland. I have heard that Greenland was already separated from Denmark.

jimmyred 8 years ago from Brisbane
undoubtedly another place so as to add to the bucket record

@euro-pen, suppose nothing of it, because you make me smile! And that i snort, because I am mixed heritage UK, Mohawk, tiny bit French, tiny bit German and they all fought one another in what is now the USA. What could possibly be extra ironic I leanred in 1995 that an Iroquois language phrase for “cousin” is similar as a Zulu phrase for “cousin”,a marker for relatedness, so we must all be related to Africa as you say.

@Zsuzsy – In case you go, you should have a great time, see Northern Lights and take many pictures of sled dogs and icebergs and kindly Inuits. Thank you for reading, my friend.

@KyonSOS23 – I think I have heard of Whiteland, not realizing it was Greenland. Thanks!
@sarovai – That’s a whole lot of water, is it not

@creativeone59 – This was one of the interesting Hubs I’ve achieved and I am glad you enjoyed it!
@Patty, please excuse my terrible piece of eurocentrism. We “outdated” Europeans do even have world maps centred round Europe :). I assume, finally we are all descendant of Africans.

Zsuzsy Bee 8 years ago from Ontario/Canada
Patty, once again a fabulous hub. What I love about your hubs is that you do get deep into your analysis. Visiting Greenland has been on my to-do-checklist for a long time.

hope you are nicely kindest regards Zsuzsy
KyonSOS23 8 years ago from Nabon

Greenland or Whiteland,Land 80 % is ice.Greenland rise because gold.Today Greenland dwell in a position because scorching water spring.

sarovai 8 years ago
Attention-grabbing details abouts Greenland ice ,which is 10% of fresh water and if it melts the sea level will rise to 7mts.thank u.

benny Faye Douglass 8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona
What a improbable hub on Nuuk Greeland, thank you for the info. creativeone59

AuthorPatty Inglish 8 years ago from North America
Susana – have a fantastic time for those who go, and take lots of images.

euro-pen — I hope you get the possibility to visit Greenland.
The Indigenous Peoples pre-discovered North America in 10,000 BC or so. But since they came from Asia, did the Northern Asian really discover it 🙂 And since I’m part Native American am I therefore part Mongolian LOL LOL

euro-pen 8 years ago from Europe
Very informative. You have got put together quite a bunch of content. I have been contemplating about travelling to Greenland for a long time now but so far never pulled the trigger. Especially the history of the Norse settlements in Greenland is extremely interesting (Jared Diamond has an entire chapter in his e book “Collapse” on this historical past). Leifericson discovered (North) America from his base in Greenland around one thousand A.D. or so.

Susana S eight years in the past
Intersting hub! I’d love to go to Greenland – I’ve bought a real thing about chilly, snowy places. Have been to the arctic circle in northern Norway and did lots of the belongings you recommend to do in Greenland, although I haven’t skilled whales of their pure setting yet. It is one thing I might love to do and one to add to my bucket checklist 🙂

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