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My Big Fats Greek Journey

Mystical, Legendary Mykonsos.
Our big fat Greek trip started by flying instantly from Athens to Mykonos and the attractive island of slim walkways have stone island us been donkeys and small three-wheel motorized carts ship items to resorts, restaurants and shops. Throughout the day and into the evenings, we …Mystical, Mythical Mykonsos.

Our big fat Greek trip started by flying instantly from Athens to Mykonos and the gorgeous island of slim walkways have been donkeys and small three-wheel motorized carts ship items to accommodations, restaurants and shops. During the day and into the evenings, we wandered endlessly through the myriad passageways viewing the boutiques and little retailers promoting artwork, jewellery, cakes, fish, weavings, pottery, clothes, and varied souvenirs.

Round each corner we stand in front of one of the more than 500 chapels gracing the island. Many of these chapels were constructed for each fisherman who survived a storm at sea. The spirit of Christianity is expressed within the chapels with their humble measurement, tender curves, and clear whitewash partitions gleaming brightly towards the magnificent blue sky and the deep blue Aegean Sea.

Windmills overlook Little Venice, a small part of Mykonsos, and we decide to shop at a jewelry boutique called the Minotaur. By the Minotaur, an aligned row of windmills holds a every day vigil of their uniform look as if they’re the island’s grand protectors. Our house owners and artisans of the Minotaur Boutique are both named Christos and they sell essentially the most delicate, unique and tastefully designed artifacts of silver, gold, and pottery that we’ve ever seen. We spend just a few hours discussing Socrates, Plato, and Bush with them they usually invite us again the subsequent evening for wine. To do is to be – Socrates. To be is to do – Plato. Do be do be do — Sinatra.

Questions abound from every restaurateur and shopkeeper, “Where are you from What is your name What are you doing here What do you do ” The native persons are curious, chatty, and concerned about everyone and all the pieces. There is much speak of current politics, leadership, and economics. There’s concern about warfare and we see a warship in the harbour and lots of army helicopters flying overhead. The contrast of considering of conflict while basking in the beauty of Mykonsos is difficult to assimilate. We know that there are tensions and dangers looming and we share the locals’ issues for safety and world peace. The expressive and generally loud and excitable discussions stream in from every nook and cranny around us.

Not only are the discussions varied and lively, so is the native delicacies which consists of many delicacies such as octopus, squid, and yummy wealthy yogurt smothered with thick golden honey. While every spot is a vision, every table hints of pleasure for the senses as the clear inviting sea gently cushions and hugs the island. One previous, leathery-skinned gentleman with the standard black cap of a sea faring man, stood in entrance of the sea and with each palms at his lips, smacked his palms with a kiss and expanded his arms out to either aspect saying, “It feeds me.” The view, the sea, the sky – it feeds all of us with its splendour.

Sacred, Delightful, Delos
As if Mykonsos isn’t lovely sufficient, we boat to the sacred isle of Delos the place Apollo, god of mild, breathes energy into us. With each step we take, we really feel extra awakened and energized by the ancient pillars, stones, temples and the famous “Terrace of the Lions” that guard this holy place. The brilliant barren and rocky terrain not only housed a vital economic flow of commerce with its ideal location connecting three continents, it also was referred to as a major religious centre in its time. The myth has it that Leto, the lover of Zeus, took refuge on Delos and gave birth to Apollo after Poseidon struck the sea with his trident causing this small, bright island to appear. Every stone is vibrant with historical past, vitality, and the struggles of domination by the Persians, Macedonian kings, and the Romans.

Rugged, Splendid Santorini
From Mykonsos and Delos, we fly to Santorini. Named after St. Irene, Santorini is built on the thick lava of a volcano. Its red-brown craggy rocky soil and unscable cliffs make me feel like a small Stone Island Jumpers Jackets ant. A part of our sightseeing right here consisted of taking a schooner to a part of an island to climb to the highest and centre of the volcano. After we climbed to the highest of the volcano and seemed around us, we then struggled to descend back down the narrow rocky pathway returning to our schooner in order to sail off to a different nook of the island. Right here we dropped anchor and swam within the salty deep blue sea. What a swim it was as we floated like buoys abundantly basking within the sun. One wonders while basking in this beautiful wine-dark sea, how happy and satisfied we should be to reside on this really stunning planet. After our swim, we drink restina and eat grape leaves full of rice and really feel very pleasant with the rest of our tour companions. As the day wears on and we’ve completed a stiff climb, a delicious swim, had good food, wine and company, we are actually prepared for the most spectacular sunset on this planet.

Crete, Knossos, Civilization
From Santorini we fly to Crete, the birthplace of the father of all the Olympian gods, Zeus, whose power is represented by the bull and the horns of the bull. At the ancient palace of Knossos, we are guided around the ruins and try and soak up the historical past of this wonderful and complicated spiritual culture. We’re spellbound to learn of the importance of the Double Axe which represented the priest-king’s accountability for making political and religious decisions and his power over the life and demise of his citizens and sacrificial victims.

Cretan society had three precept phases: the Bronze Age during 2800-2200 B.C. which noticed the individuals organized into tribes with no obvious central government. The first palaces governing the land had been built during the period of 2200-1550 B.C. and a more stable economy was formed and controlled by the reigning dynasties.

During 1550-1100 B.C.the Golden Age of Crete saw the destruction of the palaces and the beginning of the Mycenaean civilization and using a language referred to as Linear B script. Linear B appears to be just like Greek. The Archaeological Museum in Iraklion, the largest city on Crete which is also referred to as Heracles after the Greek hero, exhibits precious Minoan jewellery made throughout 2600-2000 B.C. earlier than the Mycenaean period. In the museum, the famous Phaistos Disk dated between 1700-1600 B.C. is coated on both sides by hieroglyphics arranged in a spiral kind in direction of the centre. The undeciphered hieroglyphics known as Linear A and still puzzles many scholars. The museum also homes stunning frescos. One beautiful fresco from the Palace of Knossos is the startling fresco depicting the three stages of bull leaping. The young challengers who vaulted the bull required extraordinary ability, dexterity and courage. It is thought that the legend of the Minatuar devouring younger women and men got here from the many youths killed as a result of taking part in this sport.

Athens, Acropolis, the Parthenon
We continued to be overwhelmed by history and sweetness as we journeyed to Athens and the Acropolis. The term Acropolis means the city at the peak. On the peak sits the Parthenon which housed sacred religious ceremonies.

Such beauty and glory is offered to us on the small museum near the Parthenon. One of my favourite museum pieces is the four horses of the charioteer with two heads on each side looking in opposite directions. The effect is to create a way of tension in stillness while having the feeling of motion.

On Sunday mornings around 10:50 a marching band comes along the street in front of Athens’ Parliament buildings. The band is marching toward the front of the building for the changing of the guards which takes place precisely at 11:00. Two guards in unison perform their ritual march as they transfer away from their guardhouses, stamp their clogged feet on the heavy stone platform, flip round and march back towards the centre of the platform and are replaced by two other guards. The two relieved guards join the band and march back along the street and out of sight.

On the same Sunday in the night, we’ve the splendid pleasure of sitting underneath the stars in the Odeion of Herodes Atticus amphitheatre and hearing Jeremy Irons recite Ogden Nash’s poems. Within its ghostly windows, craggy walls, arches and niches we experience the elements as that night the clouds came, the wind blew, and the rain fell. We waited until the elemental temper modified and the elements calmed themselves so that Jeremy might read the verses utilizing his deep resonant voice which melted like butter over the atmosphere of the ancient grand amphitheatre. What a confused feeling of time warp I had as ancient ghosts mixed with the homour of Nash and clearly I felt that ”in the world of mules, there aren’t any guidelines.”

And Nash goes on to say, ”Now we’ve reached the grand finale, on an animalie, carnivalie. Noises new to sea and land, issue from the skillful band. All the strings contort their features, imitating crawly creatures. All the brasses look like mumps from blowing umpah, umpah, umps. In outdoing Barnum and Bailey, and Ringling, Saint Saens has executed a miraculous thingling.”

Stone Island Wool Hat In GreyAs we reached our grand finale, I contort my brains as I wrestle to fit the items of the stream of life collectively. From the sacred sites of Delos, to the ancient palaces of Knossos, the historical theatre by the Acropolis the place Plato and Socrates sat, to the picturesque charm of the Mykonos panorama and particularly to the wine-darkish salty Aegean Sea and try to suit them in with Ogden Nash and Jeremy Irons – To be is to act, to act is to be, do be, do be do.

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