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There may be something special about Stone Island that has managed to form its personal language of garment making season after season since its establishment in 1982. Between industrial design, technological science and vogue, Stone Island and artistic director, Carlo Rivetti (pictured), are frequently pushing the boundaries of performance outdoor wear.

Considered not a vogue house, but an on-going investigation, the brand is in a centre of research, experimentation, function and creation. Its creation was the vision of founder, Massimo Osti, creating Stone Island, a sister brand to his already prolific C.P. Company, to change into a logo of modern design with excessive research on textiles and fibres.

The scientific processes, applied sciences and fabrics Stone Island develop can get a little confusing, so here at Flannels, we have now give you an easy guide to outline the intricacies of their latest collections.

Used mostly in parkas, macs and field jackets, David-TC begins with a light star-formed polyester and polyamide blend sourced from Japan. Garments are sewn and then concurrently dyed using heat induced compression. This process creates an ‘anti-drop’, waterproof fabric with a distinctly tactile feel and hardwearing fabric unique to Stone Island.

State of the art element for thermal insulation, this extremely-light nylon weighs only 26 grams per square metre. Used for the linings of Stone Island jackets and filled with the finest down appropriately treated to tolerate the stress of the intense garment dyeing process.

Made in a navy specification polyester nylon, the weft yarns are extremely thin in diameter, enabling the fabric to be tightly woven in order to obtain total wind resistance. A stand-out piece this season is our fur trimmed Micro Reps parka which is padded with the finest feathers to guarantee optimal thermal insulation. The Crinkle Reps type has been handled with resin to provide a directional final wrinkled effect.

Exclusive to Stone Island, this rubber satin stone island supreme camo jacket fabric is achieved by bonding an extremely light military specification cotton with an opaque polyurethane to make the fabric water-and-wind resistant. Stone Island Sweaters The sunshine textiles allow an distinctive depth of color throughout the garment dyeing process making each piece unique and unrepeatable. This season, drawing on a classic print and with the intention of redefining camouflage, garments have been hand painted for a truly distinctive tortoise shell effect and will be on site soon.

A particular diagonal weave, double faced fabric with wool on one side and a blend of wool, cotton and polyester on the other used predominantly on Stone Islands more formal range this season. Undergoing an elaborate, signature Stone Island double dye procedure, coats on this fabric benefit from a luxurious finish and totally different tones, intensities and colours making each piece unique.

Also called thermo sensitive fabric, this melange effect fabric is crafted from a blend of wool and polyester. Coated in water-and-wind resistant polyurethane embedded with micro-encapsulated pigments, the garment adjustments colour in accordance with the temperature – getting darker as the temperature drops. Notably a first for this season, the Ice Jacket is a must-have and can be on site quickly.

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