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From The beginning To Now

Paul & Shark was originally based in 1921 in the village of Masnago which is located in the countryside stone island small polo of Milan. In those early days it was a knitting mill production and the company was trading under its own name. This company continued to trade up until the 1980’s when it was closed all the way down to concentrate their assets on the increasingly in style Paul & Shark brand.

Soft Shell-R Gloves in Black

It was in 1977, a division of the company was created, the new division was created to concentrate on the men’s sportswear market and was named Paul & Shark. The brand new brand was immediately well-liked and in just a few years was thought to be one of Italy’s finest menswear brands. Thirty years later the brand is still going strong in each Italy and abroad.

Throughout the late 1970’s and the early 80’s the casual soccer hooligan scene was taking off within the UK. The football firms started to wear Italian brand such as Stone Island. Suddenly within the UK Paul & Shark had gone from being nothing to being one the most in demand brands of designer clothing within the mens market in the space of a few years.

As the brand gained prominence in the UK the price of P&S clothing started to raise and the brand soon came to symbolise well-off soccer followers. Right now the brand has a choice of mens clothing and the most well-liked is jumpers, knitwear and denims. There may be little doubt stone island small polo Paul & Shark clothing is here to stay in the designer market with other common Italian brands.

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