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Some Facts About Our Universe, Bodies, & World That Amaze You!

In 1948, based in Italy, Reza “HERNO (herein)”.
By present President Italian Classico Affiliation Chairman Claudio, marenzi said, tradition like, really feel the pleasure and enjoy the beautiful costume, and to attempt new things and said her no product itself was.
Is the brand to attract prospects world wide an ideal balance to the classic and technology, and vogue, attracting attention worldwide.

Winter 2015 Mens Clothing Fur Collar Hooded Down Jacket In GoldenrodEvery season HERNO contact rush down again this year is in stock now!
This model is deployed in 2012 than Laminar ( laminar ) collection WIND STOPPER coat. Collaboration collection with Designer worked on brands including ARCTERYX (Arc’Teryx), STONE ISLAND (Stony Island) and laminar ( laminar ), HERNO minimalist design and high-tech material Stone Island Jumpers Jackets combination is fresh.
WIND STOPPER material isn’t extremely high wind protection and breathability, stone island small bag is broadly used in outdoor clothing. So it is for protection in opposition to the cold non-bands, also features authentic features including waterproof tape zipper cover or back pocket.
But despite this high-performance never Marathi feature only to, but stylish appears. Water is lower down the volume of diamond quilt, refined silhouette.
Matte Khaki, and dispelled a sporty image good chemistry with a stylish town were also finished. Out winter warmth of the staff, so it is also excellent for shade or travel.
HERNO, a pioneer of stylish down to wear come as soon as expertise!

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