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The parable And Lore Of Topaz

Topaz was one in all the unique gems on the Breastplate of the Second Temple, inscribed to with the title of one of many twelve tribes of Israel. Whereas lots of the birthstones have been modified over the millenia, topaz is one gem that is nearly universally accepted as November’s birthstone; it is the gem of the zodiac signal Sagittarius. It is usually referred to as Sunday’s gemstone – and it related to the solar.

Certainly, St. John in Revelation writes that topaz was ‘touched by the splendor of the solar.’ He lists topaz because the ninth foundation stone-every of the stones representing Christian advantage. To St. John, topaz is the clearest of all gemstones and signifies contemplation which expands the guts and aligns males with the 9 orders of angels. “The love with which contemplation burns, colours it gold,” he writes. He famous the scale of the gem – topaz crystals have been discovered over a foot long, and claimed that the gem was a favorite of kings.

The identify, topaz, comes from the island, Topazio, which is in the purple seas. It was stone island jacket for cheap generally used as an amulet as safety from the “evil eye.” The theme of a cure of eyes runs although a number of the early Christian writing from the tenth century. St. Hildegarde claimed the gem was so good that it illuminated prayers in a darkish chapel, and claimed the gem was a cure of dim imaginative and prescient. She beneficial inserting a chunk of topaz in white wine for 3 days and nights, then rubbing the attention with the stone earlier than sleep with the wet stone and utilizing the wine as a watch wash. (Kuntz 308)

Other “healing” functions differ over the centuries. Powdered topaz placed in wine cured asthma, burns, insomnia and hemorrhage. It was mentioned to cure sadness and make you extra clever and was notably highly effective if utilized in moonlight. Pope Clement VI and Pope Gregory II claimed that topaz may even cure the sores from the plague. (Kuntz 209-210)

It is nearly laughable lately, in our current cultural milieu, to read about these “healers” of previous who have been in a position to say miraculous outcomes through the use of topaz or for that matter, any gemstone. But perception can’t be underestimated; our bodies heal notably rapidly if we now have religion within the modality and the healer himself, whether or not that be the physician, shaman or Pope. Medication is filled with such accounts of miraculous occasions that can not be explained by the present scientific world view.

An Italian American buddy of mine advised me about her grandmother because the docs needed to chop off her leg which had a gangrene infection. The leg couldn’t be healed. Everybody needed the leg off. My good friend satisfied the household to present her two weeks. She bought bags of organic garlic, made poultices and applied them to the leg. She and a few buddies sat and prayed over the leg day and evening. The leg was healed.

The soul of the world seems separate from us, however maybe it’s inside us. If that’s the case, topaz, or any gemstone, has the potential to be “healing.” Each gem accommodates its own energy based mostly upon its explicit shape and molecular structure. Our our bodies, too, are energetic and we’re succesful with follow, to reply to different objects in our discipline as power. The two questions are: how sensitive are we to listening to the feelings or thoughts that the gemstone brings Secondly, how capable are we at deciphering what we perceive

The early writers lived in a world which was based mostly on lore and superstition, however at the identical time, it was alive and infused with thriller. Objects had energy. In the present day, such thoughts are driven underground by our Cartesian intellect, which has faith in the scientific viewpoint; besides, we’re nonetheless mysteriously taken with gemstones.

Topaz is has many colours, and every would have its high quality. The form of the gem, which is orthorhombic, with three accesses radiating towards one another, is said to represent radiant vitality and a heavenly connection. (Kuntz 331). The sq. form additionally means that topaz has one thing to do with construction, self-discipline and constructing foundations. Think about how you use squares in your life.

Early writers appear to be speaking of clear and gold topaz. Gold is a shade related to the soul, the important, immortal a part of ourselves. Gold is radiant life vitality. Gold is the colour of the solar. Sagittarius, the zodiac image related to this gem, is a mutable hearth sign; always striving, full of passion and mental intensity. This depth, with the help of topaz, may be nicely structured in any pursuit.

From all these small hints, we will see how topaz can be utilized as an alliance that can help one align with the one’s inner light. For many people, therefore, dismayed by our personal affairs or the state of the world, topaz is the right healing stone.

References: Many of the historic content material, fable and lore referenced in this text got here from two books, each of which are in print and out there on line:

George Frederick Kunz, The Curious Lore of Valuable Stones, New York; Dover Publications, Inc. 1913, 1971 version.

Bruce Knuth, Gems In Fable, Legends And Lore, Parachute, Colorado, Jewelers Press, 2007.

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