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Q: How to move the stone on birth island
A: 1. Approach the black stone triangle on the island and examine it. The stone will transfer to a different location. Travel toward the stone within the least variety of steps… Learn More »

Cotton Pique Polo Shirt In Dark BlackQ: Where are the stones on nabooti island
A: The “stones”, or gems, or “missing Nabooti jewels”, are at 5 areas around the Stone Island Clothes African continent. (see related question) Read More »

Q: Where are the stones in Nabooti Island
A: The “stones”, gems, missing jewels, are at five locations around the African continent. (see related question) Read More »

Q: How one can Get All the Stones on Nabooti Island.
A: 1. Find the red jewel by entering the cave in the Mountains of the Moon area. The jewel is located in the very back of the cave. 2. Acquire the purple jewel by t…

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