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Fragile Granite + Expensive Granite = Support Your Granite!

Fragile Granite + Expensive Granite = Support Your Granite!
I not too long ago went to install countertops for a buyer. Granite America had accomplished the perimeter cabinets, but not the island for this ISLAND customer. The client had already had a granite island made by someone else and did not have an excellent expertise, so they determined to use our company for the perimeter. Take a look at this island (not our stone) which is a extremely lovely stone call “Cosmic Black”.

This stone is a very expensive, and has tons of movement and striations. The first phrase that comes to mind when describing this stone: GORGEOUS!

There is an another word to describe this stone however: FRAGILE!
The movement in stone indicates that this rock is composed of several different minerals akin to quartz, feldspar, calcium, silica, etc. From our in depth experience in granite fabrication, we know that stones like this one probably have a fiberglass backing to give it strength. It’s merely TOO FRAGILE TO BE Installed Without Support!

I suspected that the other manufacturer had stone island hat scarf reinforced the back of this slab to make sure that the countertops don’t break during transportation or set up. I was correct about my speculation. Take a look on the fiberglass below:

You may see the fiberglass meshing underneath the overhang. This fiberglass mesh is a precaution to make the countertop stronger. If the stone was to crumble, it would all be held collectively by this mesh.

Since InnoTops is in the enterprise of supporting countertops, we see a huge problem with this set up. DO YOU SEE ANY Supports ON THIS COUNTERTOP

The overhang is nearly 24” and there is no additional support at all! Not only is this countertop is fragile, but if something heavy was to be set on the overhang, we wouldn’t be stunned if the countertop would break off!

Stone Island Ribbed Beanie Hat In GreyI asked the customer why there wasn’t any support under their countertop The homeowner said that she didn’t know that she needed it. I instructed her that as a result of the countertops are already put in, she ought to (sadly) use corbels for help. Stone Island Clothes UK She complained that she doesn’t want stone island hat scarf the corbels to get in the way of peoples’ legs.

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