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Word Origins | Milestone
Updated on January 28, 2012 Kristin Trapp moreContact Writer Milestones usually end in additional development.
Milestones are Trigger for Celebration
As milestones come and go in our lives, we frequently contemplate the events leading up to the milestone itself and what’s to comply with. For many, milestones are a time of reflection and a time of hope; maybe a time of remorse and decision; a time for placing the previous in its place and welcoming a brighter future.

Milestones might be joyous, celebratory in reality, or they can be instances of sadness. Like most issues in life, one’s perspective, is the glass half full or empty, can decide the “feeling” that accompanies any explicit milestone. Milestones could make large targets attainable by breaking them down into smaller items.

Celebrating the ringing in of a new 12 months generally is a milestone occasion. Birthdays corresponding to sixteen, forty, 50 or one hundred are thought-about milestones. Wedding ceremony anniversaries, like Silver for 25 years and Golden for 50 years are treasured milestones. Milestones are even associated with reaching sure enterprise objectives, or mission phases.

Sitting up without assist, crawling, first steps, first smiles, first phrases, first birthdays, first day of faculty, first time riding a bike with out coaching wheels — every a milestone engraved within the reminiscences of dad and mom.

However with a lot significance tied to milestone occasions, have you ever ever puzzled about the significance of the actual phrase, milestone

Definition of Milestone defines the noun milestone as:

a stone functioning as a milepost.
a major occasion or stage within the life, progress, growth, or the like of an individual

Phrase Origin of Milestone
Phrase origins may be very fascinating, yet I’m typically struck how we use so many phrases with none clue as to the phrase’s derivation. Etymology, the research of a phrase’s origin, historical past, and alter of which means over time, is actually quite attention-grabbing.

The word origin of milestone is very outdated, actually, the phrase dates again to 1746; that’s over 265 years! But the origins of the phrase date again to across the 3rd century.

The Romans had constructed an enormous 53,000 mile network of roads and for every 1,000 paces or approximately 4,800 ft a stone marker was placed. Travelers across Europe were then in a position to make use of these stones placed at such intervals to mark Cheap Stone Island their progress. About 95 milestones still exist with inscriptions, mostly dedications to the current Emperor at the time of inscription, or distance to a location.

In literal terms, a milestone is actually a stone placed every mile. Even all through our vast fashionable-day network of U.S. highways, mile markers are positioned each single mile. (When you have ever driven across country, these mile markers really may change into a bit of an annoyance, making the lots of of miles remaining seemingly infinite.) Figuratively, though, a milestone marks progress and achievement.

The phrase origin of milestone is kind of simple, yet fascinating that the placement of stones along roads centuries ago, is the root of a relatively widespread English phrase in the present day.

The 50th Milestone
Have you ever celebrated any current milestones
The completion of this article on the word origin of milestone, is actually a milestone event for me. It marks the 50th article I’ve written for HubPages.

Writing for HubPages has been a journey full of studying, new buddies, and a way of satisfaction as I’ve been in a position to publish my work. The sense of group is actually superb as it gives non-stop encouragement.

What are the milestone events in your life Have any induced you to cease and soak within the accomplishment, resolve to make modifications, or be thankful

Do you take pleasure in writing about any matter that interests you If so, it’s best to give HubPages a try!
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sendingAuthorKristin Trapp four years in the past from Illinois
Glenn – I agree; I find the origins of words and “sayings” to be actually attention-grabbing. I am glad to have helped you be taught a new tidbit of data.

Glenn Stok four years in the past from Lengthy Island, NY
I all the time discover the origin of phrases to be an fascinating topic. I by no means knew that “milestone” was really based mostly on the Romans inserting stones to mark bodily distance on the roads they constructed. I discovered one thing new right now from studying your hub. I assume that is perhaps one other milestone for me. 🙂

Dolores – What a actually good and considerate remark you left me. I really do recognize it, as properly because the “congratulations.”

Dolores Monet 5 years in the past from East Coast, United States
Voted up and superior! I like to learn phrase origins and hope you have written more of those kind hubs. You might get a variety of mileage from the topic. Congratulations on all your Hubs of the Day. Your hubs are wonderful and I’m glad to see everyone else thinks so too!

RTalloni 5 years ago from the brief journey
50 articles–hooray and congrats! 🙂 You really do have a terrific start with hubbing, markedly noted with this neat hub!

DzyMsLizzy – I agree. A self-imposed milestone is often very difficult to achieve mostly since there is no such thing as a accountability, no one watching over your shoulder to make sure it happens.

I believe a few of the highway mile markers also mark the distance to a state’s border, but I may be mistaken. Either approach, if I am on a road-trip I do my finest to not concentrate on them. I prefer to concentrate on getting to the next major city and so on. That’s really interesting about the city center. I was not aware of that.

Thank you randomcreative. It has been a bit of erratic getting to 50 hubs, but I am glad to have reached this milestone.

Thanks DeborahNeyens – I will be waiting and watching for your 50th hub milestone.
I actually just published another hub with ideas for setting good objectives for perfectionists and in it I am setting month-to-month objectives for hub writing. Then each month I am going to follow up and compare my actual performance to my goals. I am also going to publish my goals for the next month. I believe asserting our objectives and having a bit of accountability helps.

Thanks Audrey!
Liz Elias 5 years ago from Oakley, CA

Congratulations on reaching a self-imposed milestone–those are often the hardest form!
Great hub–I, too, love studying word origins and have discovered some shocking things along the best way.

An attention-grabbing aspect-note on distance markers–if you end up traveling, and see “xx miles to such-and-so city,” did you know that these should not miles to the town limits, however that city-to-city distances are actually measured from metropolis heart (city hall) to city heart So you may be a bit closer to your aim than the sign states! 🙂 Cheers–voted up, attention-grabbing and awesome.

Rose Clearfield 5 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Congrats on writing your 50th hub!

Deborah Neyens 5 years in the past from Iowa
Congratulations, ktrapp! I resolve to hit my 50th before the end of the month. You heard it here first. : )

Audrey Howitt 5 years ago from California
Congrats on your milestone!! And Completely happy New 12 months to you!

Dave – I really obtained it in with one hour to spare central time, but now it’s time to focus on my January goals and new milestones. Onward.

Missolive – Thanks so much and how nice to share publishing our 50th hubs on the same night. And congratulations on your placement in AEvan’s listing. It was an awesome factor she did and you have to be really proud.

Marisa Hammond Olivares 5 years ago from Texas
ktrapp – congratulations on your 50th hub. I am pleased to have met this MILESTONE with you before the clock struck twelve. Yay! We did it!

This is a superb hub and I like the way you included the etymology of milestone. Phrase origins are a fascination of mine. Good timing with the new 12 months too.

I look ahead to sharing more milestones with you this year on HP. Cheers!
FYI – Slightly off matter, however I need to say…I completely LOVE your closing HP image and invitation in your final capsule – sensible! Very clear and skilled – KUDOS!

It was not midnight in California if you printed it…l so you made it… regardless.
I did try to slip hub #50 under the radar earlier than the clock struck midnight, however you two caught me. I need to say I am trying ahead to 2012 too. I am certain we’ll all reach meaningful milestones.

Completely happy new years ktrapp! I think 2012 can be good for you!!!
Cindy Murdoch 5 years in the past from Texas

Congratulations!I do know you thought you may not make this one, however you turned 96% into a hundred%
One is great but the other is outstanding. You grew a little because you had to reach for it!

Completely happy New Year! Trying forward to what this year will carry.
Once again, congratulations!

Voted up and interesting!
AuthorKristin Trapp 5 years ago from Illinois

Thanks Dave for the congratulations, votes, and encouraging words. I can see how people can find word origins fascinating. I find sayings and their origins interesting, as effectively.

David Stillwell 5 years ago from Sacramento, California
Stone Island  Men's Black Coats With HatCongratulations on your 50th hub milestone… and an awesome hub that is… very attention-grabbing too. Etymology is a fascinating hobby. votes up and awesome…cause I knew you could possibly do it.

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