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Europeans, Where Did The Hate For Stone Island Come From

Stone Island became synonymous with football hooligans in the UK in the 80s and 90s – football hooliganism in those days carried loads of bad press, for obvious reasons, mass violence up and down the country, in the stadiums, on the trains, in the pubs, down the backstreets and anyone involved would be thought of a lowlife thug wanker – mainly because they were. It was also adopted by hooligans in other parts of Europe, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Russia and so on, anywhere that had the same problems of football violence.

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Identical thing went for Stone Islands sister brand, C.P. Company, and their famous goggle jacket, although not as much.

Football hooligans have died off in the UK from what it used to be but they are still around, as effectively as the football ‘casuals’ and because of Stone Islands connection to that additionally it is worn by people who think they are arduous cunts who walk round with their chests puffed up and their arms out like they are carrying two carpet rolls. They are the ones providing you with the dead eye in the pub and say things like “u wana take this outside do ya m8 “.

Its also worn quite a bit by drug dealers and ‘roadmans’ as its a Backpack status symbol. The compass badge is easily recognisable and everyone knows Stone Island is an expensive brand. They also wear Moncler bubble jackets and Gucci manbags but they arent really anything to do with the football hooligan thing.

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