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Collecting American Indian Artifacts

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Accumulating American Indian Artifacts
Updated on January 12, 2015 OldStones LM moreContact Creator About Indian Arrowhead And Artifact Accumulating

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I think the main reason I take pleasure in gathering arrowheads and other Indian artifacts is the tangible connection to the previous. Each time I pick up any artifact be it a chicken point, atlatl dart, arrowhead, stone axe I find it awe inspiring to consider the hands that created this tool, used it, and ultimately left it behind.

If the thought of discovering a unique prehistoric artifact has piqued your interest learn on and I will share some suggestions that can assist you start your individual Collection of Native American Artifacts.

This article will have a look at where yow will discover arrowheads, how gather artifacts responsibly, and suggestions for buying legally attained genuine artifacts.

Photograph of points from my own collection
30 Years Of Accumulating Arrowheads and Indian Artifacts
How I Acquired Started
Hunting and collecting Native American Indian artifacts is a fun and rewarding hobby. In my household there is a protracted tradition of artifact accumulating.

Some of my fondest recollections involve floor looking arrowheads alongside the river on my grandparent’s farm.

After we had family reunions,after dinner all the family young and outdated would be a part of within the hunt. We didn’t all the time discover any Indian artifacts, but when someone was fortunate sufficient to search out an arrowhead it was all the time a source of excitement for the complete group. It was on one of these family outings that I discovered my first arrowhead (the only one which day) I was hooked.

Where Can I Discover Arrowheads and Artifacts
American Indian Artifacts Can Found in All 50 States
Generally, ancient arrowheads could be found throughout North America. All you need to be a successful artifact hunter is just a little data, keen eyesight, and honest amount patience. Water was the lifeblood of nearly all primitive cultures, and Native American Indians had been no exception. Water after all was essential for drinking, but also provided a source of food (fish margin:0px !essential;” /> Online Forums: are another great source of information about all forms of artifacts. I am a member at Arrowheadology. Arrowheadology is a 2,500+ member robust forum for artifact collectors where you can post photos of your finds, discuss typology, receive feedback from fellow collectors, see what other people are finding across the country, and get a lot of excellent advice to aid you in your search. Arrowheads. com is another excellent forum devoted to artifact collecting, and is chock full of resources. Join a forum and publish your finds, you can be amazed what you learn.

Local Archaeological Societies: may be fountains of information for the amateur collector. Call or join your local society to get information on your finds. Joining the local archaeological society also can provide opportunities to: see local collections, hear seminars, be involved with local digs, and participate in other interesting events.

Local Colleges and Universities: archaeology departments can also be a source of data. Call and make an appointment to talk with someone on the employees. Archaeology professors can tell great stories about your artifacts.

I used to be able to make use of many of the aforementioned sources, to determine that the artifact pictured above is a discoidal. Discoidals have been used in a game played by the historic Americans, called Chungke. My discoidal is likely the product of the Mississippian Culture relationship between 500- 1200 years previous. Learn more about Chungke.

I would recommend using all of those resources and any others you could find to gather information about your artifacts. What you be taught is more than half the fun, and possibly the most rewarding a part of this hobby that is artifact collecting.

About Buying Arrowheads And American Indian Artifacts
Where And how To purchase Authentic Native American Relics
Now days there is a fairly brisk market in prehistoric relics. If you can’t find artifacts by yourself, it is the off season, or your collection is solely not rising quick sufficient it is easy to search out artifacts on the market. Bear in mind that fakes are very prevalent available on the market, especially if you’re dealing with high priced, high end pieces. You really have to do your research so you can inform the actual authentic arrowheads from the fakes. Ask your discussion board buddies for advice on how to spot fakes.

Buying Arrowheads on Ebay
If you are buying on EBay, concentrate to seller ratings, only deal with sellers that display their feedback, try to concentrate on auctions run by AACA members, look for auctions with clear images(it is not uncommon to disguise flaws with darkish out of focus photos), and only deal with sellers offering a 14 day or greater return policy. If you happen to exercise your due diligence it is feasible to choose up some actual bargains on eBay. Search for reference books on EBay for much more bargains.

Buying Arrowheads At Flea Markets
Flea Markets are another place where it is not uncommon to find authentic artifacts for sale. It’s a must to be careful right here, perhaps much more careful than on eBay. Again, it’s good to do your homework, understand patina, use wear patterns, and the basic kind you’d anticipate to search out in an authentic artifact. Very giant factors, very sharp factors, or points in exotic types are most often fakes. Some unscrupulous sellers also will rechip old points in an effort to garner a better profit. Rechips are probably more frequent than outright fakes. Do your homework!!!

Shopping for Arrowheads at Garage Sales
Storage gross sales are one more source of artifacts to purchase. Although, it is less common to find artifacts at garage sales than at different venues, if you do, typically instances the artifacts are not any brainer genuine items. Since the people holding the garage sale don’t commonly trade in artifacts the prices are normally a bargain. Bargain prices on authentic artifacts make looking garage sales a worthwhile endeavor.

I am primarily a surface collector.I consider intact archaeological sites are of such singnificance that the digging is better of left to the professionals. I am curious what do you think and why Should artifacts hunters dig habitation sites located on their own property

To dig or not to dig
Dig it.

Don’t dig it.
See results Arrowhead Mini Collections For sale – On Ebay At this time
Need a jump start for your arrowhead collection Grow your artifact collection quickly, with these beautiful frames.

Current Native American Indian Artifact Finds
Footage Of Some Arrowheads And Artifacts I have Found in Michigan

First Artifact Finds of 2012
February 2012

A good looking celt I found February 2, 2012 it is very rare indeed to be able to hunt artifacts in Michigan during January and February

I also found these attention-grabbing bones along with the celt. I believe that they are Catfish barbs, the tip of one shows some polish as if it may have been used as a perforator.

January 2012
This can be a tiny Arrowhead “Birdpoint” I discovered January 20, 2012

That is a real arrowhead sometimes called a hen point. The pock marks on the back of this arrowhead are attributable to fireplace. This arrowhead was doubtless discarded into the ancient fire pit, or arrived there via a chunk of meat.

Cool Artifact Collectors Clothing – Give an Arrowhead Collector a Gift They’ll Love This Christmas
Indian Artifact Collectors Resource Links
Basic Arrowhead Accumulating Sites

An awesome deal of information is available here regarding the peopling of the Americas. Be certain to check out the back issues of “The Mammoth Trumpet” Heart for the Examine of the first Individuals quarterly e-newsletter.

Texas A text-decoration:line-through” oncontextmenu=”return showBrokenLink(47490457, false);” onclick=”return showBrokenLink(47490457, false)” rel=”nofollow”>Texas Artifacts.Net offering high quality authentic Texas Indian Arrowheads / Artifacts for sale or trade. Member in good standing with the AACA

Texas Arrowheads
This is a great site with all sorts of information about Texas artifacts. A lot of photos.

Laws Governing The collection Of Artifacts
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

Know the legislation!
Here is a bit information relating to artifact gathering on TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) land.

TVA _Cultural Resources Legal guidelines
TVA Cultural Resources FAQ

Related Articles
Every prehistoric artifact is a work of art and should be displayed accordingly. The following article is filled with ideas to display your assortment.

Tips on how to Display An Arrowhead Collection
The photographs on this page are provided courtesy of WikiMedia Commons except otherwise famous. Mouse over an image, for detailed licensing information, or click on any image to visit the original source. All images are getting used under a Creative Commons license the copyrights remain the property of their respective homeowners.

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sendingKentucky gal 22 months ago
I actually have enjoyed reading about your expieriences, advice and information of floor searching arrowheads and different artifacts. I got so tickled at your thrill when you found your second celt. I was excited for you! Loved the when you stated…okay lets get it collectively.A hunter since1986) Both method, trying to find arrowheads is a fun way to spend time outdoors and to develop observation skills.

Mary Crowther 6 years ago from Havre de Grace
Very fascinating lens! Thanks for sharing!

Close2Art LM 6 years ago
Simply a wonderful look into discovering arrowheads, I’ve wished to go find them and have found shelters dug into hillsides and you could even see where the fire had been…brought again reminiscences, blessed…:)rob

Stoney2009 6 years in the past
Wonderful useful resource on the topic. Preferred and blessed by me 🙂

Anthony Altorenna 6 years ago from Connecticut
This is an excellent lens on attempting to find arrowheads, and i especially like the Do’s and do not part. I’ve looked for arrowheads however up to now, I haven’t discovered any. However I benefit from the hunt!

pawpaw911 6 years ago
Great lens. I will come back and do some more reading, I have always wanted to do some searching, since my dad and I discovered a few arrow factors when I used to be a child.

Superb learn. Thanks for a lot info.
thesuccess2 6 years ago

No Crimson Indians here, but I dream of finding a stone-age device. I have however found a Dakosaurus tooth (museum verified)

mrducksmrnot 6 years in the past
Been discovering arrownheads all my life throughout Western NC. Heaps in Yancy County and also Madison County. A lot more in Cherokee and Macon County also. Franklin, NC noted for Ruby’s and Highlands, NC noted for Amethyst and Quartz. I’m a rock hound. Enjoyed you lens and bookmarked it also.

Runnn 6 years ago
Someone have to preserve this artifacts. Great lens.

agoofyidea 6 years ago
This is a very thorough lens. Properly performed. Arrowheads are wonderful when discovered. Like a look into the past.

Renaissance Woman 6 years ago from Colorado
I get pleasure from attempting to find arrowheads and other artifacts. As I live at the base of one of the 4 Native American sacred mountains, there’s an abundance of arrowheads in the area. My neighbor has quite a collection, as he has a reward for finding them. Enjoyed this lens. Thanks.

yayas 6 years ago
I was very appreciative of the comment you made about respecting land homeowners when searching. In all issues, I feel that respect should be a prime priority. This was a very inspiring an’ enjoyable journey an’ I learned quite a bit. Thanks.

Richard 6 years ago from Surrey, United Kingdom
I’m not accustomed to the pastime, however you’ve got made searching and gathering Indian artifacts sound fascinating and addictive. Blessed.

@indigoj: P.S. Nominated for a purple star. Fingers crossed…
Indigo Janson 6 years ago from UK

This appears like such an interesting hobby, and is a beautifully put collectively page too. Couldn’t do it around these parts but I’ve always liked the thought that I might come across Roman remains (they came further north than people think) or some other artifact from the past. Angel blessed. 🙂

Bellwood-Antiques 6 years in the past
This is a very informative lens, I lived in the west for 35 years and i did not do any looking however my friends father was finding indian pottery, this has been quit a couple of years ago. I do come across Indian artifacts in our business but not to often and that i usually keep them not to many arrow heads, tools and bead work. The opposite half is into the Indian pictuers! This is a great lens, keep up dating them please.. Thanks

Cynthia Davis 6 years ago from Pittsburgh
Thanks for sharing all these wonderful indian artifacts with us!

Blessed by a Squid Angel**
We love looking and discovering old arrowheads and different Native American instruments and artifacts. Blessed by a Squid Angel.

rivercityconcepts 6 years ago
A captivating hobby that lets you enjoy the great outdoors. Very properly finished!

sidther lm 6 years in the past
I used to go artifact searching, this lens makes me miss that! This was very effectively presented and educational, I am sure that it will inspire some people to go out and hunt for artifacts and hopefully set off a deeper appreciation for historical past. I’ll attempt to plan one thing for my very own household to just do that! Thanks!

termit_bronx 6 years ago
Nice artifacts! 🙂 I think hunting for them would be much fun! 🙂

CCGAL 6 years in the past
It could be enjoyable, I feel. That is an especially instructional and entertaining lens – I loved it very a lot.

Amy Stephens 6 years ago from Missouri
I think its fun, but the only time I have found them is when i have not been looking.

Ellen Gregory 6 years in the past from Connecticut, USA
Fascinating. When my mom was somewhat woman, she and her sister used to find arrowheads in Islip, Long Island, NY. There were so many, they didn’t must look very hard. Unfortunately, due to that, they did not keep any — they thought there could be extra where those came from.

I hope this lens will get extra guests. You did a fantastic job. Thanks so much for putting my photo of the arrowhead we found on right here and letting me know it’s age. I am nonetheless so excited about it. I’m going to log precisely the place we found it and assign it a reputation so it “could” be part of historical document. Thanks so much for all your help!!!!

AuthorOldStones LM 6 years ago
@Teddi14 LM: Excellent, I’m positive your son will probably be hooked 🙂 St. Joes is really a hot mattress of Native American activity. Congrats to your son.

@Teddi14 LM: Just 4 days after reading your lens and leaving the above comment as we speak I am so excited. I used to be out in my yard steel detecting part of the yard that I had not finished but and while my son was screening the dirt he found an almost perfect arrowhead! Not 15 min. before he found it I told him to keep stone island camo jacket blue his eyes out for some. We stay about 1/four mile N. of the Fort St. Joseph site up on a hill alongside the St. Joe river. I’ve by no means discovered one however I’ve at all times thought our yard would be a great spot to find out. Now I may have turned my son into a treasure hunter for sure!

ForestBear LM 6 years in the past
Nice lens, I actually loved it. Very fascinating. Thanks

nameless 6 years in the past
What a great lens, I love this. I do hunt for arrowheads and have found some gems, and I have several that mates have given to me. I’ve a buffalo skull that was a reward to me, it was discovered within the Badlands. Anyway, I show a few of my arrowhead gather on and around the skull in my office. I’m looking at them now. Thank you for writing this informational page!

Teddi14 LM 6 years in the past
Wonderful lens. Very informative. I’d love to seek out an arrowhead. I’ve discovered many stones, fossils and even a chunk of petrefied (sp) Stone Island Clothes UK wooden. You would possibly like to take a look at my mom’s web page in regards to the dig in Niles to seek out out extra about Fort St. Joseph. There’s an open home in August.

Igneous LM 6 years in the past
This is a great lens. We’ve got lots of arrow heads round right here in Oregon.

bjslapidary 6 years ago
Good lens. Tons of good information here. Thanks for sharing.

Panela 6 years ago
attention-grabbing lens. I am positioned in Brazil, I’m wondering whether or not I might additionally discover anciant Indian artifacts right here… (=

Loraine Brummer 6 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska
Seems like searching for artifacts, after the rivers go down this summer season, ought to be simple. Very fascinating lens. Thanks for the information.

Bodyflip 6 years in the past
Awesome learn, sounds like a lot of enjoyable.

knit1tat2 6 years ago
My Dad used to get pleasure from looking as when a child, their farm yielded many factors and bowls, and so on. I am not an avid hunter, however admire those form of things!

deanna6812 6 years ago
What a neat thing! I never even considered this as a hobby, but it is one thing I might just have to look extra into! Thanks for this!

Nathalie Roy 6 years ago from France (Canadian expat)
That is a wonderful hobby! I would enjoy hunting for Indian or other artifacts

JoshK47 6 years ago
I’ve always wanted to select up one thing like this as a hobby! I’m just by no means sure where to start.

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