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The Stone Jumping Ritual Of Nias Island

Hombo Batu or Stone Jumping is an historic ritual of Nias Island, North Sumatra, with young men leaping over stone walls over two-meters tall. The tradition was born out of inter-tribal conflicts and was once potentially deadly as the walls were coated with spikes and sharpened bamboo sticks.

Stone Island Fur Trimmed Hood Jacket In Full BlackCenturies in the past, Nias Island was divided into a number of areas dominated by landlords or warlords. It was not a hereditary position, nor was it gained by force, but quite by entertainment of the masses. Whoever threw extra parties known as “owasa” gained the favor of native communities and turned their chief. However organizing these festive occasions didn’t come low cost, and the island’s landlords would continually battle each other and use the spoils of war as funding. To start a battle, they needed able brave men who had to prove their price at drafting challenges. Changing into a soldier stone island badge amazon was a giant honor for the young men of Nias and earned them a better social standing in the community, but physical attributes and weapon mastery were not enough to convince their leaders. Additionally they had to jump over a 2.Three-meter-tall stone wall with out touching it. To make things even harder for candidates, the top of the obstacle was covered with spikes and sharp bamboo sticks, and the jumps typically resulted in critical injuries and even deaths. In keeping with some sources, Hombo Batu was also a way of training soldiers to jump over walls during a siege and light the enemy’s camp ablaze with torches.

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After the warring period ended, the stone jumping ritual of Nias Island became a rite of passing for young boys. Those that managed to move the test and leaped over the tall impediment have been thought-about males and gained the attention of local girls. The ritual of Hombo Batu remains to be practiced today, minus the sharp spikes, however sadly the ladies are extra impressed by males who personal a automotive or a motorbike than by those that can leap actually high. Vacationers then again are at all times mesmerized by the daring males wearing traditional costumes who run towards the wall and use a stepping stone to fly-kick over it.

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