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Beijing Flagship Store Rival Tooth For A Tooth Face Siege Of Paradise

Opponent, “tooth for a tooth” serious warning supplier
To Beijing for greater than four months later, the second store in Beijing Yongle in the “cracks” in the delayed opening. Paradise by the “air splint” the group of opponents from more than attack, originally scheduled for September 10, 2005 opened Fangzhuang
Flagship retailer
Subsequently forced to postpone per week. For the experiences of Paradise, its rival just a saying used to describe Carry
Smashed his own foot.

Shanghai Yongle play “Huge Brother”
Week ago, Shanghai Yongle National Headquarters has issued one hundred warning letters residence equipment producer, stated on December 31 this year, obtained a provider of this letter shall not be open to the Shanghai Changning District, or re-opening of the new non-Wing-lok appliance store chain to offer
Out of doors advertising
, Opening advertising and sponsorship supplied by the varied costs associated with entering or support, or supplier must provide to the Wing-lok, 6 times the corresponding assist.

Mentioned Wing-lok, a warning letter sent to the supplier, the supplier is only three hours to the consideration of time, and stated after three hours if to not reply, relying on its acquiescence.

Taking pictures itself in the foot
Yongle practice soon lead to counter the competition, attempting to build its flagship store in Beijing Fangzhuang also simply turn out to be a “punching bag.” Paradise in that the second retailer to open in Beijing after a number of different competitors launched their siege.
Dazhong Electronics
first started Nancheng five stores prematurely of value cuts
Offensive siege Paradise Fangzhuang shop. Then, more than 100 residence equipment manufacturing enterprises received a Beijing department and Shanghai Yongle based firm issued a similar version of “Demise Letter”, directed at Paradise Fangzhuang shop, said the supplier received this letter once to Paradise any let, and can meet 25 times the advantageous.

“Shanghai is a Paradise of the nest, it will probably do something they want, however in Beijing would not work, and it must pay for this conduct several times the price.” A certain anonymity
Dwelling appliance chain
Company executives told reporters the collective strain as opponents, Yongle Fangzhuang retailer opened in value nearly no advantage in any respect, all the particular machine prices
And models are clenched in the arms of competitors. “Actually, too low a market share of Beijing Yongle, who is not going to as a result of it is a sin in opposition to the opposite
No different but to postpone the opening of Paradise. “

And Wing-lok said, another competitor, actually, in terms of market share, Paradise is too insignificant in Beijing, but due to its performance in Shanghai, too domineering, and naturally appeal to folks hate this be a tooth for a tooth.

Provider being implicated
Appliance Retail
Business against each other things, a home appliance supplier executives complained to reporters: “The fact is essentially the most innocent, and we needed to be able to realistically promoting issues, didn’t anticipate their sword into flesh. They shall between the direct and bloody assault could be on a knife blood is our ah. “

In addition, the reporter learned that, because no one can offend, and lots of household appliances provider can only specify the discount to a backroom, that is, to the one ones who benefit from stone island abbigliamento outlet the support of another commitment on quietly extended none other period, increased gifts delivery, giving priority to supply products briefly supply conditions, but additionally acceptable “materials comfort.” Creator Box gaga has 1 articles online

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