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What Exactly Is The Atlantis

There’s a narrative thousands of years old about a “lost island” in the Atlantic Ocean. The story was advised by the historic Greeks, and had been handed down from father to son for many generations before the Greek philosopher Plato wrote a famous story about it, about 375 b . c.

Classic Black Stone Island Jeans For MenThe island of Atlantis, according to Plato’s story, was really a collection of islands. Imagine in the center a hill, surrounded by a ring of stone island 90s water; the ring of water surrounded by a circle of land, then one other ring of water and one in every of land, until there were 9 rings of water and 9 of land. The islands had been created by Neptune, god of the sea, for Cleito, his beloved.

From their youngsters the kings and other people of Atlantis have been descended. The islands have been very rich, and the people content. The city was built of black and red stone; the roofs of the houses were of purple copper and flashed within the solar; and there have been two stunning temples, one surrounded by a golden wall and the opposite with silver partitions, golden pinnacles, and a roof Flock of ivory. Some writers have believed that there may really have been such an island, which was destroyed by an earthquake, however most likely Atlantis was simply an excellent story

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