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New Orleans Fishing Prime Spot: Stone Island Rigs

There are occasions when fishing appears to have a mischievous streak, a penchant for enjoying methods on the individuals who find it irresistible.

One among its favourite ploys is using decoys. Skilled anglers know what I am speaking about, these days (even seasons) when the plain fishing spot attracts you away from the place the place fish are actually hanging out.

Stone Island will be one Junior such decoy. The sprawling power manufacturing advanced in southwestern Black Bay, full with rigs, flares, tank batteries, dock and radio tower, would appear an apparent spot to strive for specks and reds.

It is surrounded by shells, has all these pilings and rig legs, a deep channel close by, and sometimes numerous prey. And indubitably, many massive catches have been made there. However there are occasions when significantly better fishing might be discovered across the small shell reefs and grassy marsh islands simply to the west of the platforms.

These spots are the remnants of a lot bigger islands that used to dominate the bay, however are quickly turning into rare due to the accelerating pace of coastal erosion.

Just a few years ago they were easy to spot from Stone Island, but today their lowered size means newcomers will need to search for their locations.

It’s worth the effort, especially during the summer time months in the peak of speckled trout spawning season. These are the identical months wherein clouds of shrimp, mullet and menhaden move across the bay, often holding in the lee of the small islands against the forces of the wind and tide.

Specks hungry to replenish their energy supplies during spawning breaks gravitate to these islands looking for meals.

Discovering trout on these small shell-and-grass outposts is a special joy when the noisy rigs are crowded with other anglers. They can provide great fun, plus a small snapshot of a fishing style and tradition that is fast disappearing from Black Bay.

The western Black Bay space is roughly equal distance from hoists at Delacroix and Pointe a la Hache.

Both routes would require several miles of running across open water, so small-boat anglers should keep a careful eye on the wind. The largest of the islands is about three-quarters of a mile due west of the southern tip of Stone Island.

It is not practically as massive as indicated on many topographical maps and charts, nevertheless it remains to be clearly seen on the newest high-altitude photographs stone island 896 down jacket taken in 1998.

GPS coordinates 29 35.088′ North 89 32.390′ West

It all depends on your sport quotient.
Specks here can attain 4 pounds, however most fish will likely be lower than two pounds. Mild- to medium-mild sort out will suffice. Comfortable plastic jigs like the Speculizer, Deadly Dudley and sparkle beetle will work in clearer water, and murky conditions require live bait.

And since any wind greater than 10 mph from the south or east can create these situations, would possibly as properly deliver alongside some dwell shrimp or croakers.

If you’re a newcomer, carry a good chart. A GPS is a handy tool for marking the spot, and any others you discover in the world, for return journeys.

Fishing it
That is reef fishing, no matter the scale of the islands. Which means fish typically can be staying along the current lines running off the end of the reefs, in addition to within the clearer water simply on the lee facet of the islands. Place your boat to have the ability to solid down-wind to these candy spots.

If the wind is down, stay on the trolling motor, moving along the points and the current line looking for fish.

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When you get a strike, quietly decrease the anchor or pole for an extended stay. If you don’t get a strike after thoroughly fishing an island, pick up and move to the next spot.

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