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Two villas for sale on Cyclades Island of Tinos. These historic properties have been renovated and furnished to a world-class normal of high quality and design, utilizing the perfect materials and painstaking craftsmanship. The villas are offered for sale separately or as a fancy.

Garment-Dyed Membrana Light Hooded Jacket In Black and OrangeProperty development on Tinos Island is strictly controlled to guard its world famend archaeological, cultural and religious heritage and its natural beauty, making this a uncommon alternative to buy a house in the most sought-after village of Triantaros. PLEASE Be aware: These villas have now been Sold

Villas and Apartments to rent . . . Welcome to Tinos Island – Aegean Cyclades
To know the uniqueness of those two conventional homes on the market, it’s first vital to gain an appreciation of the character of Tinos.

Location is widely acknowledged as a vital factor in the property development market, but surprisingly few individuals make the connection of location to the event of nice civilisations. It was no accident that Greek civilisation began in antiquity and made an enduring impact throughout the civilised world. ‘Location’ made Greece.

Tinos Island is situated in the middle of the Aegean sea within the Cyclades. Endowed with a close to good local weather and gorgeous pure magnificence, it has arguably the clearest seas wherever on this planet.

Its archaeological remains date back to the earliest times, acting as a magnet for culturally aware tourists, although it is pilgrims that make Tinos the busiest passenger port in Greece after Piraeus. Referred to as ‘Holy Island’ or the island of Virgin Mary, a 1971 Act of the Greek Parliament conferred sacred standing and an earlier 1835 Royal Act established the Establishment of ‘Pilgrimage of All Orthodoxy’. Pilgrimages take place throughout the year to witness the miraculous Icon at Megalocahri Church and to visit the monastery at Kechrovouni. The Icon was unearthed in 1822, at the location identified in a vision to St. Pelagia, who was a nun at Kechrovouni.

The Tinos Island authorities consented to the bold and farsighted determination by city planning authorities on this more and more ‘opportunistic’ age, to designate all towns and villages on the island as preservation areas. This action has severely limited the scope and nature of off-plan property for sale on Tinos, and removed the treat of uncontrolled developments that have blighted other earlier magnificence spots within the Mediterranean.

This far-sighted policy has protected Tinos Island from the fate of uncontrolled developments that have blighted other former beauty spots in the Mediterranean. For example, the restrictions on accessible land for building, and the requirement to build in the Tinian fashion makes renovation of current properties one of the few options accessible for creating fashionable dwellings. It also implies that there are not any sky-rise concrete inns on the whole island.

For those who worth pure magnificence, crystal clear seas, the Greek tradition, religion, the arts and pursuits like strolling… you will fall in love with Tinos Island. TINOS ISLAND GREEK VILLAS For sale

“The Old Stone House Complex” is a restoration challenge that has been the Tinos Island dwelling of the property developer since 2002. Comprising two conventional properties, they are provided for sale as a big advanced or as two absolutely impartial units. PLEASE Note: One villa has now been Sold

The villas for sale are located in the picturesque and sought-after village of Triantaros. The property market values Triantaros as essentially the most desirable village in Tinos, because of its breathtaking views over the Aegean Sea and close proximity to both the capital Chora and some of the best beaches on Tinos Island.

Triantaros is situated roughly 7 km North East of Tinos city, 370 meters above sea degree on the slopes of the Kechrovouni mountain. House to 25 local families, this most lovely of villages is increasingly fashionable as a Summer residence with Greek and foreign nationals, together with its near neighbour Berdemiaros.

Triantaros village has two traditional taverns. The first one “Lefkes” is situated in the lower part of the village, on the main road. The second tavern “Helena’s Koutouki” is on the upper foremost pathway of the village, just reverse the entrance to The Old Stone House Complicated, which also serves as a meeting place for the locals and residents of the village. Each taverns offer excellent local food, drinks, coffees and refreshments.

Its mild Winters and refreshing Summer months, coupled with magnificent Cycladic landscape and sea views make it a perfect location for holidays and permanent residence, with its native baker and easy access to Tinos city for banking, social and travel connections.

Highest quality renovation
The properties for sale offer a degree of construction quality, finish and design unique throughout the Cycladic area.

Where many renovations are necessarily accomplished on a low price range, no expense or effort has been spared on these properties. Using traditional building techniques that are sadly changing into a dying art, teams of craftsmen laboured to create these two villas that are now asset to the village of Triantaros and to the Island.

The villas will enchantment to discerning clientele who value the true craftsmanship and the significance of renovating properties for the longer time period advantage of Tinos Island – for individuals who reside, work and vacation here as we speak, and for future generations who have a right to get pleasure from an unspoilt magnificence.

Conventional Tinian homes
In addition to the sale of those renovated historic Tinos properties, four villas for sale in Tripotamos, Tinos are ready to be constructed to the same exceptional standards of design, materials and craftsmanship.

Of explicit interest can be the normal Cycladic architectural fashion, which has been faithfully preserved and accentuated in this renovation.

Provided for sale, fully furnished
PLEASE Be aware: One villa has now been Bought The remaining villa being provided for sale is fully furnished with antique Tinian handmade furnishings (referred to domestically as ‘furniture of native standard art’). In addition to the traditional Tinian table and chairs, lovely furnishings and finishing touches – many of which were specially commissioned – are staying with the properties. You may due to this fact slip into the Tinos manner of life with minimal fuss and most authenticity.

The remaining property for sale could be viewed on request, and viewers are respectively reminded that this property is currently the developer’s home. Travel AND Vacationer Data

Tinos town within the South East of Tinos Island is the capital city and the island’s principal Island port. Tinos island is approximately 16 miles by 8 miles (22 km by 12km) with a essential road that links Tinos port within the South East with the North Western town and port of Panormos by Pyrgos with its Increased College of Arts. The central mountainous backbone of the island is skirted by smaller roads that link the 50 or so villages.

Visitors normally arrive by high speed boat or ferry. The alternative is a 35 minute flight to nearby Mykonos or Syros and a 20 or 60 minute transfer by excessive pace boat or ferry respectively.

The sailing instances from Rafina on the mainland is 2 or 4 hours by excessive speed boat or ferry respectively, and between 3 and 5 hours from Piraeus.

A turbulent history has endowed the island with a rich legacy of artifacts, buildings and archaeological remains by its length and breath. Although the sea will prove an irrestible attraction, together with the attractive walks by means of unspoilt and hilly countryside, visitors are advised not to miss the sight of the craftsman working the marble, as they have for centuries.

Pilgrims to Tinos will want to visit Church of the Virgin Mary with its miraculous Icon, and the holy monastery of the Lady of the Angels on Kechrovouni, that is serviced by nuns and has provided continuous service for over one thousand years. For sale

PLEASE Note: These villas have now been Sold
Only those who will appreciate the unique heritage of Tinos Island with its rich cultural values, and who value the normal craftsmanship that has been lavished on these high quality renovations are invited to apply for further information.

The Old Stone House Complex is being offered for sale fully furnished. It can also be acquired unfurnished on request.

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