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A Wee Dram Of Glamour At Your Fingertips

An ‘Alpha male’ wardrobe these days- normally comprising of Topman and River Island attire – is hardly unique and inspiring nor is it worthy of a point out on ‘Gok’s Trend Fix.’

Knitted Stone Island Crew Neck Sweater For Men Dark GreyIt is with this in mind, that Kilts Wi Hae have change into enthusiastic about introducing Highland wear and sporrans into the everyday wardrobes of men nationwide. They are taking kilts, sporrans and tartan from the dead and buried to the here and now: highland wear ‘sporrans once more!’

However why sporrans; certainly highland put on is only for Scots
No! Sporrans could nicely stay a conventional part of male Scottish highland wear but sporrans also – when combined with other items of highland wear clothing – made from both fur, leather-based or a mix of each, suspended from a belt or chain on the entrance of a kilt, may be utilised as a (rather more style forward) version of a ‘bum bag’- a veritable ‘hold all’ that needn’t question a men’s sexuality! The ornate detail on sporrans is unique from sporrans to sporrans and is normally decided by the formality of both occasion or accompanying highland put on.

Highland put on, sporrans specifically absolutely aren’t comfy though!
Improper again. When performing everyday tasks, although normally at the forefront of your attire, sporrans might be turned to the aspect of 1 hip, permitting them to casually dangle, safely out of the way in which. Sporrans really are making a return into the fashionable man’s wardrobe and anyone would be foolish to neglect this increasingly common merchandise of highland put on!

Kilts Wi Hae present a large choice highland put on and sporrans, including ‘day sporrans’; normally brown and leather adorned in simple tassel effects and Celtic knot designs; ‘dress sporrans’; a larger and highly ornate item of highland wear which can embody elaborate stones, jewels and emblems and; regimental sporrans, which serve as extremely revered highland put on and are moreover worn as an indication of respect to their regiments and are made from long horsehair.
Highland wear, kilts and sporrans alike have a tainted fame for being uncomfortable and ‘revealing’ to say the least. However sporrans from Kilts Wi Hae promise to be secure, snug and nicely- fitting; suitable for all. A conventional form of ‘groin armour,’ quality sporrans and highland wear kind part of any Scottish capsule wardrobe.

Highland wear and sporrans from kilts Wi Hae are animal friendly, sustainable and ethically sourced and, despite this still continue to be retailed at extremely inexpensive, attainable prices.

Sporrans from kiltswihae.co.uk. If you’re trying to find that particular outfit, whether or not it’s for a marriage ceremony or dinner dance, look no further than our website. Visit us at present if you are in search of Highland Put on .

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