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And In Australia 65k Years Ago ..

The discovery that indigenous folks were using a cave in Australia at the very least sixty five,000 years in the past has pushed again the date at which H.sapiens left Africa for the primary time.

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The former supercontinent of Sahul, in the course of the Pleistocene era. The shaded areas were above sea level in the course of the Final Glacial Most, however have been submerged for more than 20 millennia. Madjedbebe is close to Malakunanja (I), close to the centre of the map. dave stone island jumper (Source: N.R. Franklin & P.J. Habgood, 2007, ‘Modern human behaviour and Pleistocene Sahul in review’, Australian Archaeology, no. 65, pp. 1-16.)

Archaeologist Chris Clarkson discussed the latest findings in an interview with ResearchGate.
All … humans … originally come from Africa, the place we advanced 2-300,000 years in the past… Australia was an early step in … out of Africa migration [despite] involving many [separate] sea crossings of up to 90km each…At the time that humans entered Australia, sea levels were lower and it was joined to New Guinea, Tasmania and smaller islands as half of a larger continent that scientists name Sahul.

What’s more, the cave – often called Madjedbebe or dave stone island jumper Malakunanja II – was more than 100 kilometres from the sea. (Since rising sea levels broke up Sahul, that distance has been halved.)

“We’ve found traces of the earliest [inhabitants’] … lifestyles at the site”, Clarkson added. “They were consuming … nuts, yams, seeds, and fruit […[and] the applied sciences used to gather and course of these foods… [included] grinding stones[,] … edge ground axes … [and the] stone tools used to … make wooden tools.”

These early colonists were also engaged in creative behaviors, as seen from kilograms of ground ochre found in the bottom layer, together with ample traces of tiny fragments of reflective mica which we interpret as meaning they were mixing reflective paints …

Pushing back the age of first occupation … [also] means that human overlap with …. [now-extinct] megafauna was very lengthy… This casts …

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